Replica Online Shopping Chloe Haley Shoulder Handbag

Chloe Haley Shoulder Handbag

You are looking at a Philo-free Chloe handbag that isn’t terribly ugly. The leather looks soft, smooshy, molestable, and yet sheeny enough to maintain some glamour even in a basic brown. The chain handle is chic and very now, and the hardware is quirky without being insane. Best of all, unlike a number of the newer Chloe’s, the Chloe Haley Shoulder Handbag doesn’t have CHLOE plastered across her face. Yet I’m not getting out my credit card. My wallet-grabbing hand hasn’t even twitched. It isn’t even because of the strange buckle clasp – I think it might work on another bag. It’s just that this is a Chloe, and in that family, well, this is the plain little sister. She’s all dressed up in the latest trends – shiny leather, chains, buckles – but she lacks the natural beauty and individuality of her sisters, and she will never have my love. She’s cute, and were she not a Chloe, I might give her more of a chance, but I would rather take sweet Betty or dear Edith out to dance. And fine, the strange coins are not my favorite as far as pointless embellishments go. I’d take a 4-pound padlock over them any day. In any case, if you think she’s the one for you, pre-order the Haley at Saks for $2,080. Available in brown or black, and she’s no cheap date.

Written by guest blogger: Nerdphanie.