Replica Bags Buyers Guide Nordstrom Sale Pick: The See by Chloe Ring Around Shoulder Bag

It’s June 1 (sidebar: how did that happen?!?!), and every fashion-loving shopper knows that means that the summer sales are upon us! In addition to the Net-a-Porter sale being discussed over at PurseBlog, Nordstrom also has it’s half-yearly sale online as of today. Wading through sale bags can be a bit tricky, but because I get paid to do this, I went ahead and picked the best deal on your behalf.

If I had to choose a bag to buy at Nordstrom’s sale, I’d go with the See by Chloe Ring Around Shoulder Bag. I praised this bag perviously at full price (and so has Shannon), and getting it for over $200 off makes the bag even more attractive. If you’ve been considering a new bag, perhaps this great deal is the one for you. Buy through Nordstrom for $439. To visit the whole sale, click here.