Replica Bags Buyers Guide Chloe Silverado Python Shoulder Bag

When we started PurseBlog back in 2005, the Chloe Paddington “it bag” sensation was at its height. In fact, Vlad and I made a 6 hour both way drive to Munich to get one ourselves. Following the Paddington came the Silverado, which attempted to ride the wave. While the Silverado did not get as much attention as the Paddington, it did get our attention.

And then one day the it-bag craze ended and the Paddington and Silverado slowly left our minds. So earlier this week when Amanda and I saw the Chloe Silverado pop up on Saks, it caused double and triple takes. Welcome back Silverado, not sure how much we missed you or wanted you back in our life, but you have arrived.

Amanda covered the leather Silverado and I’m bringing you the python version. Not much to report that hasn’t been covered before, other than this version is made with python skin. The price, relatively speaking, is not that absurd for a python bag. What it comes down to is if you still want to be part of the Silverado rage, here it is. Buy via Saks for $2,650.