Professional Replica See by Chloe Ring Around Shoulder Bag

See by Chloe Ring Around Shoulder BagFinally! A See by Chloe bag that I really like, without any reservation whatsoever! I believe this is a personal first! Can you tell how much I really want to love this line?

Because I really do. I adore almost every bag made by the brand’s big sisters at Chloe, and I when they first decided to launch a bag collection as part of their diffusion line, my hopes were so high. Mostly I’ve been disappointed, but I really like the See by Chloe Ring Around Shoulder Bag and I could totally see myself buying it.

See by Chloe Ring Around Shoulder Bag

This is the second season that the Ring Around line has been produced, and all of the initial bags had much longer straps than what we see here. Some of those iterations were okay, but no matter how many times I saw them in person or tried them on, I just couldn’t fully embrace them. They weren’t for me.

This, however, has Amanda written all over it. The soft leather straps provide for easy shoulder carry, but the straps aren’t so long that they require crossbody wear (which I don’t like, being of the bosom-endowed variety) like many of the previous Ring Around bags. I’ve always liked the leather that the brand uses, and an exterior pocket is a must for me and my ever-present Blackberry. Sign me up for this bag immediately. Buy through Saks for $660.