One Of Those Chloe Replica Bags You Will Want- Drew Review

Today, I have a Chloe replica bags review for you. From time to time, I receive good news from my readers telling me that they are happy with their purchase and this is one of those times.

Chloe replica bags- The Drew

Once upon a time, Chloe had a few popular bags that included the Paddington, the Marcie, the Elsy, the Paraty, etc. This fashion house upgraded their style game once they’ve created the Drew bag. This design was released back in 2014. Ever since then, we were able to see it on the arms of many celebs and fashionistas. I wasn’t that interested in the other models, but once the Drew arrived Chloe got my attention. It’s a simple bag with a strong boho influence. If most of their bag designs were soft bags, this one is a structured one. It features a few hardware elements that give it a special look. It comes with golden hardware which dominates the whole design. The hardware also offers it a luxury feel, it looks very precious and sophisticated. You can easily wear the Chloe Drew with casual or elegant outfits. That’s a big plus for an accessory. When it’s a versatile one, you are easily convinced to buy it. The Chloe Drew is available in three sizes and it comes in different materials and patterns. right now, let’s talk about this simple black replica.

Overall view

Chloe Replica Bags

Chloe Drew Full View

I really like the way this Chloe bag looks like. The calfskin is smooth and it seems to be genuine. The shape of this bag is perfect. It seems to be well-proportioned and the hardware has a great color. It looks like a high-quality bag and I really like what I’m seeing.

The stamp

Givenchy Antigona Bag Replica

Chloe Stamp

On the good Chloe Drew faux designer bags, you should be able to find the logo and Made in Italy, both embossed in the leather. The writing should be clear and have a clean look. Actually, you may have noticed that this is what I say for every all the knock off bags I review. It’s because it’s a universal detail that shows the quality of a bag. If the stamp is blurry or uneven, that’s a red flag. The lettering shouldn’t be sloppy or crooked. You should check both the logo and the Made in Italy because both have the same importance. The embossed writing looks pretty clean and the font seems to be the right one, as well as the golden shade. It matches the hardware. There should also be an interior stamp, in a metallic plaque, but I have no photo of it.

The hardware

Chloe Replica Bags

Chloe Hardware

The hardware on the Chloe Drew bags is pretty important as it dominates its entire look. If the hardware looks bad, the whole bag will look low-grade. The color of it should be golden. The golden shade shouldn’t be too intense because it would look cheap. Also, the hardware is shiny, but not too glossy. All the hardware elements on the Drew should be of the same color. The exception is the Faye bag which comes with two-tone hardware. On the closing tab, you can see that the logo is engraved in the metal. Just like in the case of the stamp, the writing should look clean. This bag seems to respect all these requirements and it looks pretty good.

Shape and material 

Chloe Replica Bags

Chloe Drew Suede Interior

The Drew bag is structured and has rounded corners. It’s a shoulder bag and features a long chain. The exterior material should be calf leather while on the interior, you should find suede. This Chloe replica bag looks good both on the inside and out. It has a nice shape and the leather looks great, smooth and unwrinkled.

Bottom line

To conclude, this Chloe Drew bag looks really good. All the elements, such as the stamp, the hardware, leather, and shape look right. I couldn’t find any flaw, so I can easily say that this was a great choice. If you want yours to look this good too, make sure you find a website that has photos of their products and compare their Chloe replica bags with authentic ones.