Low Price Replica Bags See by Chloe Charlie Slouch Shoulder Bag

Over at Purse Blog we review Chloe bags often. Do I love Chloe bags? Yes. Do I own Chloe bags? Yes. But then there was the introduction of the See by Chloe bags, which I looked at, reviewed, and felt underwhelmed by. The See by Chloe bags looked like a sack, a large lifeless sack. Granted a handbag is just that, a mechanism to hold goods, but I want a pretty bag!

Luckily for See by Chloe they also had the Day Tripper Bag, which seems to be a huge hit! But now I have run into the See by Chloe Charlie Slouch Shoulder Bag which again appears to be a lifeless mass of denim waxed cotton. Furthermore, there is that pricing problem, asking us to pay mid $500 range for a bag that is merely related to Chloe, but does not bring anything special to the table. This bag bored me, leaves me with a yawn, but I realized that some people like this bag. It is an editor’s pick over at Shop Bop. So am I missing something? Does the Charlie Slouch Shoulder Bag offer something that I can not see? There are two handles, four pouch pockets around the outside, contrast purple lining, and large contrasting logo letter charms on the front. I dunno, still not feeling much from this bag. Buy through Net A Porter for $530.