Essentials Replica Handbags See by Chloe Ring Around Lambskin Shoulder Bag

Once again, here is a perfect example of a bag that almost made it, but fell just a bit short. So close… yet so far away. I want to like this See by Chloe Ring Around Lambskin Shoulder Bag, I really do, but there are a couple things that continue to make me cringe.

As many of you know by now, I am a huge fan of the color blue. So, for the most part that means a blue handbag has won at least half of me over. But, once I get passed that, I find myself highly conflicted over this bag.

In typical See by Chloe fashion, the lambskin used on this bag is fabulous. The color looks great on the material and will offer a substantial “pop” to any outfit. However, I am not, I repeat, I am not a fan of the resin bracelet details found at the straps. The bracelet detailing seems cheap, chintzy and takes away from the rest of the bag. Once my I laid my eyes on them, I couldn’t stop staring – and not in a good way. My other problem, the star-shaped key ring. Luckily, it is detachable, so I can let that go.

Here I am, back full circle. I love the shape, color and size of this bag (17″W x 10.5″H, 8.5″ drop). I’m also a fan of the double shoulder straps that look like they would be very comfortable in your hand or on your shoulder. But the resin bracelet details, I loathe them. If those were detachable, then we’d have a nice bag on our hands! Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $660.